How to Find Aadhar Card Number (UID) Online

Find UID and EID number online. If you want to find aadhar card number online then here we will get to know the complete information about how to find enrolment number and unique indentity number at official website. Nowadays everyone has Aadhaar card, but in some circumstances, we lost our Aadhaar card. So what is the next step to finding Aadhaar card number?

We provide you the whole solution in this article about how to find UID, step by step with images, to make comfortable for you. Let’s start.

How To Find Aadhar Number Online? 

For now, Aadhaar Card is a significant document in India, but many people lost their Aadhaar card as well as the unique identification number, too.

Hence Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has provided a procedure for recovering your 12 Digits Aadhaar number. So that, you can retrieve your Aadhaar card.

Find UID Number (Aadhaar Card No) Online

  1. First go to the official website to find UID, from the given below link:
  2. Once you open site, select UID (Aadhaar Number).  find aadhar card number online
  3. Next, enter your name, registered email or mobile number and at last enter security code. find aadhar number by mobile number
  4. Now, click on send one-time password.
  5. Next, enter your one-time password received on register mobile number and click on verify OTP. find uid number online

In few seconds you will get your 12 Digits UID (Aadhaar Number) on your mobile number if all details are given correctly.

It is all about how to find UID. If you have any doubts, you can ask us via commenting on a comment box. We will surely solve your queries. Thank you for reading!!

How to Check Aadhar Card Update Status Online

If you want to check your aadhar card update status online, but sometimes due to some wrong information your card is rejected. So checking for your adhar card correction status at UIDAI. In this article we will provide you all information about how to do eaadhar update online at step by step with all images.

Check Aadhar Update Status? @UIDAI

Before you go to the website, read this article carefully and follow each step precisely. And check your Aadhar card updated or not? Here are the steps to verify your Aadhaar card update status:

  1. Go to the official website of unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) from the following given link: check aadhar card update online
  2. Fill your Aadhar number and URN Number (URN number generated during your Aadhar application update request) in respective place. At last enter verification code and click on Get Status button. check aadhar card status by aadhar number
  3. After pressing Get Status button, you can see your Aadhar update status. check eaadhar card update status

It is all about how to check Aadhar card update status online. If you have any questions or queries related to this procedure, you can ask us freely via commenting on a comment box. We will surely solve your doubt and answer quickly. Thank you for reading.

E Aadhar Card Download Check Status Update @

Download aadhar card by EID number online at UIDAI official website. To get more details about eaadhar card status update visit Here we gonna share complete information which indeed very helpful for you. You can also check your eaadhar status update online at UIDAI.

Aadhar, which means base or foundation is a 12 digit unique-identity number issued to all Indian residents based on their bio-metric and statistical data.

The data is collected by UIDAI that means the Unique Identification Authority of India, which established in January 2009 by the Government of India.

What is Aadhar Card?

Every citizen of India is unique, and needs require unique identity to differentiate from the others. All the countries of the world have this system, and therefore the government of India has come up with this too named as Aadhar card.

An Adhar card is distributed so that all details of a person are noted on it, and one could use it for several benefits.

These benefits can be in the form of schemes or subsidy that on various goods and services that the government comes up with from time to time.

As I already said, this project was established in 2009, by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

This program aims to provide every citizen to have a unique number which named as Aadhar number along with one Aadhar card. It should also be linked to other vital services like a bank account, sync mobile number or pension schemes.

The website for UIDAI is providing all the interrelated information about Aadhar. You can even update Aadhar detail. Also, Aadhar card downloads online using your Aadhar number and much more.

However, the motive of issuing an Aadhar card is to give one Universal Identity card for every citizen. So that no any other documents required for getting benefits of any services.

Another aim is there are a lot of illegal immigrants in the country; this card will prevent all those illegal immigrants from happening.

This One card number is proof of your address and identity, it helps to achieve two purposes in one.

Apart from these, using this card, people can take benefits of a lot of government schemes through this. All the list can be prepared from just Aadhar card number.

Using an Aadhar, people can register in government programs such as Right to Education, get a subsidy on gas cylinders and phone bills. With the help of Aadhar card, each service can be readily available.

The best part about this is that it remains valid throughout the life that is starting from birth to death of a citizen.

How to Download E Aadhar Card?

E aadhar is a soft copy of Aadhar card and can download from the internet. Here, we provide you a step by step guide to download e aadahr card with images.

Step 1) Visit e Aadhar website from the following given link: download eaadhar card

Step 2) Keep your Enrolment ID with you as it needed for the further procedure. Now select I have Enrolment Id.

Note: Check your Enrolment Id very carefully because you have to enter all the details precisely which given on image like Enrolment Id (1111/23222/12121), Date (00/00/0000) and Time (11:11:11). Fill all the details in this format.

Step 3) Now, enter Your Full Name As per your Enrolment Slip.

Step 4) Next, enter your Six Digits pin Code number (It look like 390007).

Step 5) Enter Captcha Code given to you.

Step 6) Finally, enter Mobile Number That you have with you.

Step 7) Now, click On “Get One Time password” and entered the OTP which you received on register mobile number.

Step 8) Now click on validate and download button.

How to Update your Aadhar Card?

If you want to update your Aadhar card first, go to the following given link: Now enter your Aadhar card number and select on getting OTP. Once you get OTP, enter it to redirect to the page where you can choose the option to update your Aadhar cards like address Change, number change or any other field that you want to update. Upload a document as a proof of the changes that you have done. Next, you will receive a URN number, which can use this to track any update.

Steps to Update Aadhar Card

  1. Visit Aadhar updating website from the following given link: eaadhar update website
  2. Now, enter your Aadhar number and Text Verification and Click On Send OTP.
  3. Enter the OTP you received on a registered mobile number and click on login. eaadhar update by aadhar number
  4. Next, select respected rectification and click on submit. eaadhar data update request
  5. Update your incorrect details and click on submit update request. update eaadhar incorrect details
  6. Upload valid document as a proof and click on submit. upload documents for eaadhar
  7. Next, click on YES button. update eaadhar
  8. Pick BPO service provider and click on submit. aadhar card update
  9. Now you will receive URN number on next screen. Note down this number for checking your Aadhar update status. aadhar card update status

Check Aadhar Card Status Update? 

Step 1) Go to Official Website of UIDAI from the following given link:

check aadhar card status

Step 2) Enter your 12 Digits Aadhar number and URN number and click on Get Status.

Step 3) Check your status whether it is updated or not updated.

Note: for an offline method, send an SMS on 51969 with UID STATUS <14 digit enrollment number>, and you will receive the status by text.

Link Aadhar card with Voter ID

  • Visit the official Adhar card linking page and fill necessary information in the respective box.
  • On the left click, you will find an option of Feed Adhaar card with a popup window.
  • In that enter a name in as per your adhaar card, voter ID number, Aadhar number, mobile and email ID.
  • Next click on submit and your request will be registered.
  • For offline mode, you can send this SMS on 166 or 51969 with typing ECILINK <EPIC_Number><Aadhaar_Number>.

Link Mobile Number with Aadhar Card

  • For a link, your aadahr card with a mobile number, visit your nearest network provider store with the required documents.

Note: If Aadhar card not linked with mobile number till next February, then service on your mobile number will be declined.

Enrolment Process for New Aadhar card

  • First, you have to take an appointment from the official site of UIDAI.
  • Select the enrollmentcenter and appointment time.
  • You will find an enrolment form which requires being filled up with the required documents.
  • After the identity proof and address proof is submitted, a biometric data needs to be provided too along with a photograph.
  • You will receive an acknowledgment slip by which you can check on your application.

So we have given all the information about your Aadhar card and e Aadhar card. We hope you will get all of the answers once you read this article.